Healthcare should be simple
with a centric-patient focus

  • Risk Adjustment Scores (RAF) Optimization.
  • Care Management Teams
  • Population Health Analytics
  • Physician & Patient Mobile Apps
  • Electronic Referrals Management
  • Physician Incentives
  • Care Coordination
  • Practice Management & Billing Module
  • Profit & Loss Analysis


As physicians and health centers become aware of the importance of transitioning to value- based care, patient health and rewarding providers financially is our main focus and winning strategy. We are creating opportunities with our compensation strategy to engage doctors in novel ways.

Our Integrated care delivery model emphasizes on preventive care, improving health outcomes and quality measures while lowering the overall health cost for our members.

At Care Compass we promote a holistic approach addressing social determinants of health – i.e. isolation and loneliness, food insecurity, transportation, access to medications and coordination of patient care among multiple specialists.

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Winning Strategy
  • Physician Contract Negotiation
  • HEDIS Management & Tracking
  • Financial & Clinical Analysis
  • Track & Manage Chronic Conditions (HCC)
  • IBNR Monitoring
  • Daily Hospital Census
  • Funding Reconciliation
  • Surplus Distribution
  • Web Design for Medical Practice


At Care Compass, we provide our physicians and health centers patient-specific data to facilitate and identify opportunities to improve care and at the same time create incentives for the complex care they deliver.

Care Compass is constantly supporting physicians and health centers with investments in home health services and data analytics, we utilize those capabilities to become an even stronger supporter of these providers as they navigate to value based care.

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  • Disease Management Programs
  • Diet & Nutrition Counceling
  • Medication Reconciliation and Reminders
  • App with Clinical Record
  • Complete Physician Network Directory
  • Post-Discharge Follow-up
  • Medical Appointment Coordination


We are committed to improving the lives and health of the patients we serve.

We have partnered with trusted doctors and other healthcare providers to make sure patients get the rigth care they deserve.

Our goal is to provide a more personal experience to our members with great love and compassion.

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  • Referral Module to Control Part B Expenses
  • Physician Performance Prediction
  • Automated Billing Reconciliation
  • Physician Contract Rules
  • Payer Funding Reconciliation
  • Mobile Application Platforms
  • Track and Manage HEDIS Measures
  • Chronic Condition Disease Management
  • Medications Reconciliation


Value based care organizations do not have a complete financial and clinical infrastructure. They lack proper tools, knowledge and experience.

We capture a holistic view capable of engaging the patient with the healthcare system.

Througt data-driven care management, physicians will work in a enviroment that is well coordinated and efficient.

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Pharmacy Software
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Healthcare should be simple with a centric-patient focus

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Care Compass


Care Compass is a healthcare organization representing and serving physician practices, health centers, pharmacies and patients across the Commonwealth State of Puerto Rico and the United States. We assist healthcare providers transition from a health care system built on the outdated fee-for-service payment structure to a value-based model built on better outcomes for patients and better financial incentives for healthcare providers. Our all-in-one pharmacy software is designed for multiple pharmacy settings including but not limited to retail pharmacies, long-term care pharmacies, 340b pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, and compounding pharmacies. Our robust platform offers powerful functionality with practical usability for clerks, technicians, and pharmacists. It is designed to allow pharmacy staff to work quickly and efficiently by reducing the number of clicks needed to accomplish day-to-day tasks.

We offer physicians and health centers across the continuum of care the opportunity to move toward a value-based practice while maintaining their independence. This includes operating within their current work flows and taking advantage of our powerful resources, expertise and services.

Our integrated care delivery model and healthcare administration services are giving us the power to improve health and the well-being for our members. We are placing tremendous efforts to ensure a better quality of life for all of the members we serve.


This is part of what we do to achieve immediate results:

  1. We conduct a medical practice assessment covering every aspect of the practice. We analyze the billing performance, technology, patient care workflow, referrals patterns among others.
  2. We create a personalized plan for each physician designed to support their areas of weakness and improve efficiencies.
  3. We start by focusing in a holistic approach emphasizing in nutrition, exercise, personal wellness and addressing patient needs by providing counseling and other services.
  4. We empower our physicians with a robust Healthcare Analytics Platform designed to offer a holistic picture of the population health and network performance.






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